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We are a private, third-party training provider offering services for a fee. This is a commercial solicitation and advertisement. Please note is NOT affiliated with any government authority. 


Fast-paced, inexpensive One Day training offered via DVD, Instant or Live Class

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Due to COVID 19 there are no live classes currently scheduled.

Call (888) 414-1874 or click here

The only Freight Broker/Agent Training program

in America taught by the president of a leading

transportation industry trade group. 

Practitioner James Lamb

President of Small Business in Transportation Coalition ("SBTC")

Former DOT Investigator

A ''freight brokerage" is one of the Top Five businesses to start in the USA according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Now Offers 3 Training Delivery Choices 

Best Value--

Lowest cost $199

Upon purchase, you can IMMEDIATELY download

and save our pre-recorded, 8 1/2 hour program;

5 lessons (modules) each under 2 hours enables you to study at your own pace from the convenience of

your own home or office.

Purchase our training today and you'll be eligible for freight broker starter software for just $150

(that's 90% off--a $1,500 value; while supplies last)

For More Info Call (888) 414-1874

Meet your Instructor James Lamb President James Lamb discusses getting your own authority, freight broker license & bond, freight broker training and the fight against a $100K broker bond.

You have Two Career Paths to choose from:

*Become a Freight Broker by starting

your own business (license & bond required); or

*Become a Freight Broker Agent and get a job

working for a broker (no license or bond needed)

Our Freight Broker Instructor James Lamb, the president of AIPBA ( the Industry's premiere trade group for small and mid-sized freight brokers, was interviewed by Eric Harley about the latest FMCSA $25K bond rulemaking for household goods brokers on the Midnight Trucking Radio Network.

Listen to the "podcast."


NOTE: All of our programs are taught by Licensed Transportation Practitioner James Lamb 

(Admitted to Practice before STB/FMC),

a former DOT Investigator and the founder/president of the

Small Business in Transportation Coalition trade group.


Call: (888) 414-1874

The opportunity's on.

And if you find a new way...

You can do it today.

You can make it all true.

And you can make it undo

You see, it's easy.

You only need to know."

--Cat Stevens

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Get the best value by choosing our one-day freight broker class.

Take this class before you enroll in a five day freight broker school.

Our one-day class may be all you need to .


Due to COVID 19 there are no live classes currently scheduled.

Houston, TX $449

Houston Community College (see above).

supports the SBTC trade group for small business including property brokers.

The Hilton Garden Inn & Hampton Inn are preferred partners.

All of our facilities are wheelchair-accessible in accordance with

the American Disabilities Act ("ADA").

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to receive a FREE information packet.

If you provide a phone number,

the Instructor or his assistant will call you 

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